Maternity and Newborn Photography – Why I Love It

January 11, 2019

Over the years, I’ve photographed several genres: weddings, glamour, fashion and products but capturing maternity and newborn photography is what makes my heart sing! I may continue to try new types of photography but I will always return to momma’s and their babies.


I love helping women, especially pregnant and new moms, embrace the changes their bodies go through and the mind shift that comes with that, to help them see their beauty and inspire confidence. I’ve watched women walk into a session with very little confidence and leave with a newfound purpose. To watch a woman bloom into who she really is in front of the camera is powerful.

strong, powerful woman holding her newborn baby during a maternity and newborn photography session

I want my work to help women redefine how they view their bodies during and after pregnancy… and highlight how incredibly magnificent, powerful, strong and beautiful they are. I’m not interested in creating photographs that will live only on a holiday card or a social media post – I want to create a piece of family art that will be cherished for generation after generation… that has meaning, substance and purpose.

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C. E. Grace & Company is a Motherhood Photography studio based outside of Jackson, Mississippi that specializes in maternity, newborn and birth photography. Our passion is to create timeless and iconic artwork for families that value simplicity, connection and authenticity. Questions? Send us a note!

portrait of woman looking down

I’m Christi – a lifestyle photographer based in Jackson, Mississippi capturing seasons of motherhood for moms and those she loves most. I thrive within simplicity, seek to encourage others and actively pursue an intentional life grounded in love and gratitude. I’m easily distracted by home DIY videos, fresh french-pressed coffee, thrift stores and puppies. If you share a connection with these heartfelt ramblings, I would love to work with you. You can reach me at:

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